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Posted by Vascular Intervenion Specialists on October 14, 2017
Are you experiencing intermittent leg pain or cramps during routine movement, walking or climbing up stairs? This could be a symptom of peripheral artery disease, and one of the most common signs of PAD.

Posted by Vascular Intervenion Specialists on September 23, 2017
Imagine that your body is a well-designed machine, and that your heart is the pump that (literally) keeps the machine running at its best. Now how could you tell that your body might be talking to you about your overall heart health?

Posted by Vascular Intervenion Specialists on August 10, 2017
The signs of Peripheral Artery Disease vary from each person based on age, weight and lifestyle choices, and there is only about a 50% chance that you will experience noticeable symptoms. These symptoms are almost always caused by a reduction in blood flow to your leg muscles, and this can vary based on which artery is affected and to what extent your blood flow is restricted.